Monday, January 28, 2013


Hey Guys,
Just wanted to make sure you all are clear on your assignments for this week.
You have 2 worksheets on Ecuador, plus a current event.  Please try to find a current event from Ecuador.  You may have to look past the links I have given you, but make sure your Moms are with you before you just start Googling stuff.  
You also have your timeline sheet on one of the five missionaries that were killed in Ecuador. 
Remember, I want you to go past born and died dates.  Find out other information.  
Even if you don't have exact dates, you can write down events that happened or any other info you can find about who they were. 

Some of you also have some make up work to turn in.
Brody, you have a worksheet from India that needs to be finished, and Ellas you need to fix your Amy Carmichael paper.  
The rest of you, just look and make sure that all of your stuff is in order and complete.  

Ya'll have a good week!


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