Sunday, September 30, 2012

South Africa

This week I introduced you to the country of South Africa.
I hope you have fun exploring this country through National Geographic.

Make sure you click through the pictures and read the captions.
They are very informative.

Answer these questions.  All of the answers are taken from the pictures on the website.

Please answer them on page 2 of your worksheets.

1.  Why did elephants almost become extinct?

2.  Lion families live in groups called______________.

3.  What do the local people call the cloud cover over the city of Cape Town?

4.  What sport is South Africa passionate about?  What year did they host the World Cup for that sport?

5.  Which South African city is the financial capital of Africa?

6.  What is Africas Southwesternmost point?

7.  What would you most like to do if you visited South Africa?  Why?

The picture I posted shows you what the website looks like when you click on it.
The information you need to look at is listed under the name South Africa.
Click on "Photos" to view and read about those photos.
Make sure you also read the facts page.
Explore and have fun!

Monday, September 24, 2012


This past week we had fun learning a little bit about the Island Country of Madagascar.
This week I want you to dig a little deeper!
Here is a link to the National Geographic page about Madagascar.

In addition to the assignments I gave you in class, I told you I would have some questions for you to answer on your 2nd sheet of map facts. All of the answers are found on the website I have attached.  Make sure you look at the pictures!
The questions are:
(You do not have to write the question.  Just number it and write the answer.)

1. What to languages do they speak in Madagascar?
2. How many species of Lemur live here?
3. What is the nickname given to the Baobab tree? Why is that the nickname?
 Draw one at the bottom of this page.
4. What does "tsingy" mean?
5. What African country is to Madagascars west?
6.  Look at the page about Madagascar favorites (on the website).
What is the one thing you would most like to do if you visited Madagascar?

Have fun with this assignment! It's so cool to learn about new places!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mali Video

Short video about Mali

Watch this short video as part of your homework.

Mali, Africa

That's a link to the blog of a guy named Adam Klein. He lived in Mali for several years and worked for the Peace Corps. He is also a musician. He recently recorded an album of Malian music. Click on the link and look for the "Listen" button. It's really good!

He also talks about the current state of Mali. Check it out and say a prayer for the people of Mali!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Science 9/7-9/14

Okay, guys and gals. Here we go.

Over the next few weeks, you'll begin to see a pattern to how we're doing science this year. I think it's going to be a fun year. This year, you'll get your assignments mostly by email. Occasionally, I'll hand them out in class, but not often.

I've sent this week's stuff to your email already. I included this message in your email, and I'll put it on here just to be sure.

"Here a link to your homework. Kids, if you have trouble/questions, reread your directions. If that doesn't help, ask your parents. Then, if you still need help, contact me. Only text or email me during school hours; you can call later in the day."

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Give me a G!

Who's excited about co-op?  Me!  And you and you and you and you...
Our first 5 weeks in Africa are going to be great!
We are going to learn some basic geography and some major countries and cities.
We are going to read about some of the first missionaries to Africa.  "Dr Livingstone I presume."
Ya'll are really going to enjoy your current events notebook!  Each week you will put a new current event in your notebook, and with this cool website I found that lets you write things that look like newspaper articles, you are really going to have fun.
Everybody bring your good attitudes and be ready for an awesome year of Geography, Missions, and Current events!