Sunday, October 28, 2012

Missy's Class Australia Work

Hey ShLoPos.  Hope ya'll all enjoy your vacations, time at grandparents, time at home...whatever you get to do unti we meet again!

Just wanted to remind you of your assignments for my class.

1.  Fill out worksheets for each of the 6 states of Australia plus the Northern Territory. (7 sheets total)

2.  Do your Australia quiz worksheet.  You can look up the answers if you don't know them.
The point is for you to learn something new and exciting about Australia!

3. Poem worksheet.  Write a short poem about the Australian animal you like best.

4. Look over the map worksheet that shows all the island countries that surround Australia.
Remember, we read over some of them in class and I just want you to be familiar with them as you will hear of some of these places again.

5. Write a 3 paragraph minimum paper on Samuel Leigh and his life and ministry in Australia and New Zealand.  Please remember to site your sources and do not just copy and paste information.  I want this in your own words.
What about his life and ministry speaks to you the most?
Think about it.  Could you stand face to face with cannibals that you knew were ready to roast you for dinner and have the presence of mind to know how to get away. Do you have the faith it takes to trust God in a circumstance like that? Could you learn their language better so you could go back and proclaim the gospel to them?
I think Samuel Leigh was a pretty cool guy.  What do you think?

Ya'll have fun with these assignments!  See ya in a couple weeks.
Love you all :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Good job for checking the blog! I know it's hard to get into the habit. Here's your homework:
Listen to the Australian National Anthem.
Do your coloring pages. There is no creative license here. Color the wattle and Coat of Arms the color they are supposed to be.

Find out the meaning of the Coat of Arms. Write what you learn in the form of a paragraph, paying attention to puntuation and capitalization. Make sure you answer these questions, but feel free to add other things you find interesting.

  1. What do the seven points on the star represent?
  2. What do the pictures on the crest represent?
  3. What color is the wattle?
  4. Why is there a kangaroo and emu on it?
  5. What was the king's name that approved the Coat of Arms? What year did he approve it?

Make your Aussie vocab flash cards. Have some fun with it!
Discover 2 ways that the climate of Australia is different from our own. You’re going to have to research this! (hint: remember the seasons)

Get on Google Earth or Google Maps and explore Australia. Spend at least thirty minutes doing this. Don’t forget about the street view feature!
Say a prayer for the church in Australia, especially for the kids your age!

Here are couple of links to help. The first is an example of music in the church we learned about in class. - A short video of an EPC youth group singing a hymn.

This link will help you write your paragraph on the Coat of Arms - - This website also has a lot of other interesting things about Australia.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Further Study of Nelson Mandela

Further study of South Africa

Watch the ESPN documentary The 16th Man about the 1995 World Rugby Cup. It's on Netflix as an Instant Play.

Write minimum of 4 paragraphs about Nelson Mandela. Who is he? Where is he from? What did he do? Why do you like him? Read this paper to three people. Have them sign the back of your paper.

Interview someone about apartheid. Ask these questions:

  1. Do you remember hearing about the apartheid laws in South Africa?
  2. Do you think apartheid was similar to the Civil Rights movement here in the South? How?
  3. Do you remember how you felt when Nelson Mandela was released from prison?
  4. Do you remember something about the Civil Rights movement that you could tell me about?
  5. Do you remember when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated? How did you feel?
Write you own question to ask… ____________________________________________

Thursday, October 11, 2012

South Africa's Nelson Mandela

Go to the above website and read the article, look at the pictures and watch the videos.
What is the most interesting thing you learned about his childhood?
What is most interesting about his early adulthood?
Write a paragraph about what it must feel like to face a prison guard when you know you've been imprisoned wrongly. Describe your feelings, your fears and your hopes.
What year did he become president?
Where did he move when he retired?
When was he born?
How old is he now?
Would you like to spend time with him? What would you ask him?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dr Livingtone I Presume

Hey guys, as I told you, your assignment this week is to learn a little bit more about David Livingstone.
I think it is so cool to learn about pioneers of the Gospel and of unknown lands, and he was both!

I would like for ya'll to write me a little paper about him.
Logan, Ellas, and Gracie, yours needs to be at least 4 paragraphs.
(Remember a paragraph has at least 5 sentences)
Lana and Brody, yours needs to be at least 2 paragraphs.
For all of you, tell me a little bit about Dr. Livingstone and how he got to Africa.
Include information on his famous expeditions.
Also include what your favorite stories are.

This is a fun assignment, so enjoy it and learn a lot about this neat guy!

A Good link to lots of other links about David Livingstone

Google Search

Monday, October 1, 2012

Science Vocabulary Cards Explained

I have had a call or 2 about the vocabulary cards and the different sections. Open your notebook to p.4. and look at your example cards while you read this.

You do not have to write the titles of the sections, like definition, date, etc. Just put the date where the sample card says date. Write the definition in the box that says definition on your sample.

On side 1, where it says phonetic spelling, this is where you write how the dictionary says to pronounce this word. For the word "car" you would write (kahr). This is how the word "car" is pronounced. This is it's phonetic spelling.

Also on side 1, you will see a section titled "Connection Words." Ask yourself these questions:

Can I make a connection between this word and something I have read? Where might I find this word? Can I make a connection between this word and something in my life? How can I remember this word?

Still using the word car as an example, connection words could be automobile, transportation, vehicle, etc.

On side 2, the bottom 2 sections are also to help you remember the word and its definition. Again using the word car, in the section entitled "What it is," you could draw a labeled picture of a car, you can describe a car, etc. In the "What it isn't" section, if you know of more than one definition for the word car, you list or draw things that are NOT using this definition. For example, for this definition of car, it is NOT describing a train car, a toy car, etc.

 We will share the cards in class this Friday (10/5) and compare your ideas for each.