Friday, December 7, 2012

MARCO! ... now you say "POLO!"

We've all played the game at the pool. But did you know that Marco Polo was a real man? He lived in the 1200s and traveled into China from Italy. We will spend the next few weeks studying him.

Follow this link to read about Marco Polo. Put his birthday in your timeline book.

Then go to this LINK to watch a nine minute video.

Marco Polo described many wonders that amazed him. Read how he described them and then try to guess what they were...

1. Black rocks that burn like wood

2. Unicorns the size of elephants

3. Giant snakes with legs and huge mouths that could eat a grown man

4. Huge striped lions

5. Huge nuts with liquid like milk inside

6. Man-like creatures with tails and dog faces

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