Friday, December 7, 2012

Hudson Taylor

Your assignment this week is to write a report on Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China.
3 Paragraph minimum, at least 5 sentences per paragraph.
Be detailed and find stories that you haven't heard before.
Think about what an awesome example we have of these missionaries that have gone out into the world to live out the Gospel and obey the great commision.  Remember, you don't have to go to some unknown land to share the gospel.  Look for opportunities in your daily life.  If you don't think you have any, pray and see if God doesn't provide some for you.
What I want and pray for you guys when we study missionaries, is that you will develop a hunger and thirst for the gospel, and for sharing it with other people.

Here is a link that will provide you some good information.
Another one.
And one more.

Your other 2 assignments this week are to fill out your Japan booklet and your current event.  Make sure you bring your oragami to show the class.
Your current event will be on Japan.

Hope ya'll have a great week and enjoy your assignments!
Love you guys.

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